For many years, communities, businesses and institutions in the Charles Street corridor have advocated for a modern, fixed rail streetcar along Baltimore’s historic main street. The Charles Street Trolley would allow people to easily travel to and from their jobs, their homes, and the city’s most popular entertainment destinations. And unlike a bus, a fixed-rail streetcar would spur development along the corridor, creating even more housing, jobs, retail shops and restaurants.

Stretching from the Inner Harbor to University Parkway, the Charles Street Trolley would connect Baltimore’s Downtown with the historic neighborhoods of Mt. Vernon-Belvedere, Charles North, Old Goucher, and Charles Village.

This route is rich with many of the City’s most beautiful landmarks and cultural destinations, such as the Convention Center, the Basilica of the Assumption, The Walters Art Museum, the Peabody Conservatory, University of Baltimore, Penn Station, The Baltimore Museum of Art, and Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood Campus.

Baltimore’s residents, students, tourists and employees will benefit by riding the trolley between retail and entertainment venues, cultural institutions, educational centers, and employment districts. Most importantly, the trolley will serve as the important ‘link’ connecting other regional transit systems such as MARC, AMTRAK, Metro and The Light Rail.

And since it is a fixed-rail network, the trolley will promote development, raise property values, attract businesses, and help to define our modern city. A trolley system benefits everyone. It will add vitality to our urban landscape, increase commerce and foster activity around every one of its fixed stations and stops. It simply makes sense for Baltimore.